‘I was in a pretty bad way’ – Norris explains pain problems in Austria but says he’ll be fine for British GP

‘I was in a pretty bad way’Norris reveals pain problems
READ MORE: Norris reveals he visited UK specialist to solve chest pain issue after Styrian GP. They revealed he had suffered bruising – the result of having got back into an F1 car after a long period of time – but he’s confident he’ll be fine for Silverstone. “I’m doing better thanks,” he said in a video conference call on Zoom.

Norris about persistent back problems: “I was in a pretty
In Austria and Hungary the driver of McLaren had back problems. Afterwards it turned out to be bruises in his back, because he hadn’t been in an F1 car for so long. According to Norris himself things are going a lot better. “Hungary was much better already than the Red Bull Ring race – round two. There I was in a pretty bad way.

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‘I was in a pretty bad way’Norris reveals pain problems in Austria but says he’ll be fine for British GP | Formula 1® The McLaren driver has revealed the pain he was suffering from at the Red Bull Ring was so bad he couldn’t drive the car without painkillers…

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