Mixed reactions from netizens towards Marina Bay Sands replica being built in Bali

Indonesia – Indonesians may not need to travel that far to visit Marina Bay Sands anymore. On Aug 19, it was seen on Facebook that a replica of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands is being built in Bali.
The administrator of the post jokingly wrote: “Marina Bay Singapore has moved to Bali, more precisely in Bedugu”.
The replica is reported to be part of Bedugu’s newest tourist attraction, “The Blooms Garden”. The garden had a soft opening back in July 2019. Apart from the replica of Marina Bay Sands, one can also expect to see a replica of the Dutch Windmills among other attractions present in the garden.
The Facebook post has garnered the attention and mixed reactions from netizens.
Those against the building of the replica have have commented that the replica does not suit Bali’s beauty, finding the structure a “terrible creation” or cheap.
Others have shared their approval of the replica, stating that it provides an opportunity for those who are unable to visit the original building in Singapore to appreciate its beauty.

Screengrab from Facebook
Singaporeans have also commented the replica is a way to flatter the design of the original structure, and that there are many other Singaporean structures that have been replicated as well.
One Indonesian netizen shared that there is even a housing estate that is Singapore-themed in Indonesia.
The Facebook post that shared news of the replica can be found here. -/TISG
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