Dog Waited for 3 Months Outside Wuhan Hospital Where its Owner Died of Coronavirus

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Remember the story of that Japanese dog, Hachiko, who waited for his owner for nine years not knowing that he had died? The story inspired the Hutch (now Vodafone) ads for the longest time. Looks like the story has once again come to life after pictures of a mongrel ‘Xiao Bao’ waiting at a hospital in Wuhan for his owner surfaced on social media.
Bao was seen sitting outside the lobby of the hospital for three months unaware that his owner succumbed to Covid-19 back in February, just after five days of being admitted at the hospital. The hospital staff took care of the dog all these months and has now been shifted to a dog shelter, according to the Dailymail.
It was initially the hospital staff that took care of the dog.But once the lockdown was lifted, shopkeeper named Wu Cuifen started looking after him.
Bao refused to leave the hospital premises, even when he was left at another location. he kept coming back to the hospital. He was finally handed to Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association after people started complaining about him.
The story of this dog reads like those fables and inspirational stories.
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