From Dorscon Orange to …? Wry comments after satirical chart appears online

As Singapore remains at the Dorscon Orange alert level after nearly 2 months and is unlikely to go to Dorscon Red, some people have been making wry comments following the appearance online of a yellow and orange chart based on events of the past few weeks.
The chart appeared on the Reddit social news platform on Saturday (March 28) and it has different tones of orange to mark the changing Covid-19 situation from the time the alert level was raised from Dorscon Yellow to Orange on Feb 7.
Those online point out that the alert level has remained at Orange although the situation seems to have worsened. The online chart reflects this with progressively darkening shades of orange.
According to , at Dorscon Orange, the “disease is severe and spreads easily from person to person, but disease has not spread widely in Singapore and is being contained (e.g. SARS experience in Singapore)”. It is marked by a moderate disruption, with quarantines, temperature screening and visitor restrictions at hospitals.
At Dorscon Red, the “disease is severe and is spreading widely”. This level is also marked by major disruptions, such as school closures, work from home orders and a significant number of deaths.
The satirical chart shows that, on Feb 4, Singapore was, with its first locally-transmitted case, at a stage someone has called “Candelight Yellow”.
Singapore’s largest cluster of Covid-19 cases, 36, can be traced to a Feb 15 Chinese New Year celebration at Safra Jurong. On the satirical chart, this is marked by the colour “Carrot Orange”.
The chart for March 21 shows “Tangerine Orange”, to mark the announcement that all locals defer travel abroad, the 14-day Stay-Home Notice for all entering the country, the cancellation of large events till June 30, and the first 2 deaths.
On the chart, the colour orange has been darkening since “Candelight Yellow”, yet has still not reached the colour red.
Netizens who commented on the Reddit post said that the delay in raising the status to Dorscon Red could be to delay the panic among Singaporeans that first appeared when the status was raised to Dorscon Orange.
Others, however, said that Singapore had already met the criteria for Dorscon Red.