Tiffany Haddish: I owe my success to Kevin Hart

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Tiffany Haddish credits Kevin Hart with helping her achieve her acting dream.
The 40-year-old actress was homeless and living out of her car when she first tried to make it in showbiz, and had her life changed forever after a chance encounter with fellow actor and comedian Kevin.
Kevin gave Tiffany $300 to ”find a place” to stay for a week, and told her to write out a list of goals she could then begin ”accomplishing” to help her achieve her ultimate dream.
Speaking on ‘Sunday Sitdown’ as part of ‘Sunday Today’, Tiffany recalled: ”I would always pull up five to 10 minutes late so no one could see my car because I had all my clothes and suitcases in my car.
”[Then I met Kevin and] he said, ‘You can’t be living in your car on these streets.’ He gave me 300 bucks and was like ‘Find yourself a place for the week. And then write out a list of goals of what you want to do then start accomplishing those goals.’ ”
Kevin’s advice gave Tiffany the push she needed, and she went on to land roles that would lay the groundwork for her breakthrough role in 2017 comedy ‘Girls Trip’.
Meanwhile, Kevin previously said he loves to tease his ‘Night School’ co-star about the $300 loan, although he insisted he doesn’t want her to pay him back.
When asked if he wants her to pay him back, he said: ”No! Because then what would I have to hang over head? Absolutely nothing. I need something that I can bring up from time to time. So, no! I’m not going to take the money so every chance that I get I can go, ‘Hey! You know what’s crazy? You still owe me that $300’ … I don’t want the money back.”
The ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ star, also 40, first revealed he helped Tiffany get her career off the ground in 2018, whilst they were promoting a movie together.
Kevin explained: ”When I saw you I said you were talented, extremely talented, we hit it off, had a friendship. Within our friendship, I then found out some stuff about you… Tiffany was actually homeless at the time, nobody knew but I found out. And because I’m such a good person – hence the last name, ‘Hart’ – I dug in my pocket and at the time I gave her all the money that I had and that money ended up doing a lot for you without me even knowing it.”
Tiffany added: ”I used that money to put a down payment on an apartment and it got me a place to live and you taught me to make a list of goals of what I want out of my life, what I want to do in my career and I made that list and I have tackled that list and we are sitting here today, all the way in Europe. I feel like I’m doing big things! I’ve been trying to pay him back for years.”
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